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Hello, and welcome to my site. Here I have filed all the recent movie news of this week. This page is the most frequently updated page - at once or twice a week. It will feature news on a variety of movies (but perhaps not too many love stories). ENJOY!!!

but first...

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First of all, I apologize for my ranting below. It is wrong, but, hey, it made sense at the time. Secondly, I realize that I dont' want to do this page any more, so I am concentrating my efforts on my Superman page. Enjoy the OLD news. By the way, here's the Superman page. Metropolis... check it out.



Now, for all those people who saw the trailer, you were all blown away, correct? Well, you know how at the end of that fantastic trailer, it says "THE PHANTOM MENACE?" Well, I would like to say that George Lucas has been fooling everyone. That's not really the title.

No, I don't know what the real title is, but I'm certain that its the Phantom Menace. I personally, like other fans, uttered a big "eh" when we heard that was the supposed title, but clues spread throughout the internet and the world have led me to the conclusion that this was nothing more than a big experiment to see how the fans will react.

Here are the clues that led me to this discovery. Earlier this month, Lucasfilm ordered a complete recall on all posters and trailers that were scheduled to be shown at theaters 'round the US. The trailer, especially caught my attention. Now, why would Lucasfilm cause bad press by recalling the most important trailer ever? The reason is that it says "THE PHANTOM MENACE." The new trailer (airing on the 24th of January) will contain nothing more than simply "EPISODE ONE."

Also, on all the posters that aren't being recalled, only "Episode One" is there, NOT the "THE PHANTOM MENACE." Finally, on the Star Wars Website, you guys know how they have those cool little java things where when the mouse if moved over the icons for Episode 4,5, and 6 it displays the title? Notice how Episode One STILL doesn't have "THE PHANTOM MENACE."

It was a rumor from the start that the title was only an experiment for George Lucas. Maybe the title will be "Guardians of the Force" or more likely "Balance of the Force" (in the trailer - "you speak of the legend of the one who will bring BALANCE TO THE FORCE."). Anyway, that's my two sense. Enjoy the old news.

The Haunting of Hill House (Catherine Zeta Jones, Liam Neeson"

This project looks like its really underway. Filming started on the 1st, and will eventually move to London. More importantly, however, check out the original classic "The Haunting" from the 50s. Now, that's a classic!

Babe 3: Pig in the Woods (James Cromwell?)

I haven't yet seen the sequel (and from the looks of the charts, no one else has either) but I am excited abou the possible upcoming 3rd installment. Universal registered the domain name for the movie already.

Superman (Nicholas Cage)

News has been kinda slow on my pet project, but you notice that I now just call it "Superman." That's the real deal says the WB. Dan Gilroy's script is being made for July 4, 2000, but nothing much really seems to be happening. The only real news to report here is that Batman V has been officially cancelled to make room for Superman. Jon Peters is scheduled to produce after next year's THE WILD WILD WEST, with Burton still possibly directing.

That's all for now, I'm going to start updating more frequently now.

Superman Lives (Nicolas Cage (signed), Linda Fiorentino?? Kevin Spacey (signed)

Well, here's the lowdown on the plot, thanks to various sources on the web. It will feature first, Supe's origin (Jor-El, etc.) using the plot from the animated series via Braniac's betrayal of Krypton. Then, Lois finds out Supe's secret, Doomsday shows up w/ Braniac, Braniac takes over Lex's mind, created "LEXIAC" (this is so stupid). Supes is then killed by Doomsday (being victorious, however) and is ressurected by "K," who is the computer manifestiation of his dead parents. Supes then comes around, saves the day, Whuppe.

as a devout fan, I can only say "eh." Unless the dialogue is good, Kevins Smith's draft sounds better. Any way, the title is now said to be just "Superman," not "Superman Lives," or "Superman Reborn." Lives is definitely out, but the WB DID buy

The Lord of the Rings (Sean Connery?? Michael J. Fox????

Well, the project has officially greenlighted - I've already gone over this. $130 mil, December 2000, Summer 2001, December 2001. The rumor mill has produced the information that Michael J. Fox has been rumored to possibly play Frodo, but it is semi-confirmed that Connery was approached to play Gandalf. Peter Jackson, who will write, produce, and direct says that all of this is untrue. I'm excited - howabout you?

Mission: Impossible II (Tom Cruise {signed} Dean Cain {signed} Dougray Scott {signed} Sharon Stone {rumored}

That's about it. John Woo has been signed to direct (Oliver Stone said NO), and Dean Cain of the once great Lois and Clark and Dougray Scott (Ever After piece of crap) have officially been signed, and Sharon Stone is rumored, but no offese, this is probably just a fan who got confused between this movie and James Bond 19 (she's signed for that)


Superman Lives (Nicolas Cage (signed), Linda Fiorentino?? Kevin Spacey (signed}

Yes, that's right. More Superman news. Small, though. Rumor has it that Michael Bay (of THE ROCK fame) has possibly been talking about directing duties for this movie.

In addition, there's a new casting rumor. It's not really a rumor, nor is it really a possibility. Kevin Smith apparently waltzed into the WB studios in Superman uniform asking to be Superman, claiming he understood the character better. No doubt he understands it better, but KEVIN SMITH? Take a look at thist photo and then think about it.