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AND NOW...the news

BUT FIRST, I would like everyone to know that I am a true Superman fan. So, if you are going to mail me that I spend too much time on Superman, DON'T BOTHER!


LAST UPDATED September 12th, 1998

A Bug's Life

5/19 - All I know is that it's the new CGI flick from Disney/Pixar.

9/12 - Now, I know a whole lot more! First off, the movie features the voices of many celebrities. It features the war against the Grasshoppers of a bug army. It's going to be released as of Christmas, yet early reviews as well as my interpretation of the trailer look pretty bad. On the other side of the coin, the far less anticipated Antz! featuring the voices of Woody Allen, Sharon Stone, and Sylvester Stallone (Dreamworks SKG)looks to be far better.


Batman V

5/19 - Many rumors are flying wild about this one. Maybe it's because Batman and Robin sucked so much. Anyway, Kurt Russell is rumored to be playing Batman. Clooney's contract, however, slates him for 2 more appearances as the Bat. Other rumors have Nicholson returning as the Joker, with a new start on the series. The rumored title is Batman: The Dark Knight.

5/20 - Nicholson may turn down the role of the Joker.

6/3 - THE KURT RUSSELL RUMOR JUST WON'T DIE!!!! In other news, John Travolta (considered for the scarecrow) is checking his schedule.

9/12 - Batman's new movie seems to be slowing down. The WB, with all of their recent flops (did anyone see that piece of trash known as the "Avengers????!?!?!") is making their budgets lower for a little while. Apparently, their going to see how the Wild Wild West (next summer's biggie next to the new Star Wars ) and Superman Lives (Summer 2000's biggie) before making a Batman. They are however, if one is going to be made, going to focus on Year One - Batman just starting out sin Robin and Batgirl. Either that, or they're going to continue w/out Robin and Batgirl (they are supposedly scheduled to be killed in a possible first scene.) I'll keep you posted.


Crow III (2042)

5/19 - No cast as of yet, but it features a boy who is slain in 2012, comes back, lives for 30 years, THEN seeks revenge. Go figure.



5/19 - Another Truman Show like pic, this one starring Matthew McCona..whatever as Ed, who volunteers for the "process."

6/3 - Jenna Elfman is now confirmed to be playing his girlfriend in the flick.

9/12 - Nothing Earth-Shattering - early reviews aren't bad, but give a serious "eh" and Ron Howard is the director.


Flinstones II: Viva Rock Vegas

5/19 - This prequel to the first will possibly not have John Goodman. Drew Carey is said to replace him. I thought the first one was pretty bad!


Ghostbusters: The New Movie(s)

5/19 - Dan Ackroyd has written a script. Harold Ramis read it over, and politely told him it needed work (the work disaster was used). Preliminary plot details say that it will take place in a hellish NYC, and will have two parts.

Supposedly, they will be released 9 months apart. Columbia execs conceded that it would be OK. It will have a "to be concluded" deal on the end of the 3rd one.


Gigantic/Titanic Too

5/19 - Two Titanic spoofs underway. BASEketball is said to have many Titanic related jokes as well. Pretty funny to poke fun at the deaths of 1100 people.


6/3 - Titanic Too (the original's sister ship) is supposedly 2 inches shorter than the original, so it was forgotten by history. Leslie Neilsen stars in this 1999 release movie.

Green Hornet

5/19 - Although this project has been left alone for awhile, I have faith. Jason Scott Lee is said to take the role of Kato.

6/3 - To my worst fears, it appears that this movie is dead. DED.


Green Lantern

5/19 - This movie needs to be made. It's pretty simple. So far, no casting, but Kevin Smith, writer of Superman Lives draft One, Chasing Amy, Mallrats and Clerks is writing a script. This is going to be (should be) a cool movie.

6/3 - Rumor has it that the script is almost done...



Indiana Jones IV

5/19 - Nothing much is known on this particularly secret project. Rumors for the title are "Sons of Darkness" "and the Lost City" and "Raiders of the Lost City" plus "and the Lost City of Atlantis." It might have Indiana after WWII, married to Marion (from Raiders of the Lost Ark) with kids. His Dad might make an appearance, but not out of plot necessity.

6/3 - Harrison Ford was on Rosie O'Donnel the other day, and expressed interest in another movie, yet didn't know of a scipt. In addition, Ain't It Cool posted a possible "sighting" of some crew for the movie.

9/12 - Thank God. It was temporairily never going to happen, now it might. George Lucas and Harrison Ford (on separate interviews) proclaimed that after Star Wars, they would most definitely love to do another, and are planning on it, just as soon as they are both ready.


Inspector Gadget

5/19 - IT'S ABOUT BLOODY TIME! Matthew Broderick has been cast to play the bumbling cyborg against the evil Dr. Claw. Disney.

6/3 - The trailer is confirmed to be in post-production.


Lord of the Rings

5/19 - Every likes the Lord of the Rings. Rumor has it that Touchstone has bought the rights, and casting is happening in New Zealand. Personally, any actor (most of which seem to be "working" in NYC") cannot afford to get to New Zealand!


9/12 - As everyone must know by now, New Line Cinema is going to cough up 130 Million+ to make three movies - Fellowship of the Ring, Two Tower, Return of the King. I just finished the triology, and am REALLY excited. Release dates are for 2000, 2001, 2002.

Prince of Egypt

5/19 - Dreamwork's first animated movie. It is virtually a remake of the Ten Commandments, and from early reviews, looks incredible.


9/12 - More GREAT reviews coming in. I am now excited. I saw the trailer, good looking movie, annoying trailer.


5/19 - Anne Heche has been officially cast in the remake of the classic Hitchcock film. Personally, I don't think you can make a Hitchcock film with friggin' HITCHCOCK!


9/12 - No news, but I have the feeling this is going to suck. Oh yeah, Vince Vaughn is Norman Bates.

Superman Lives/Reborn

5/19 - Right now, the project is on hold. A new, anonymous script writer (not Kevin Smith or Wesley Strick) is writing a script for a brand new Supes, for under 100 Mil. Until then, we can only hope. Rumored casting info proceeds

Superman: Nicholas Cage (confirmed)

Lex Luthor: Kevin Spacey (confirmed)

Lois Lane: Linda Fiorentino, Sandra Bullock (rumored)

Braniac: Patrick Stewart (rumored)

Batman: Michael Keaton (unconfirmed, but likely)

In addition, Pittsburgh has been officially deemed the city of Superman. Modern architecture there proved good for Metropolis.

5/20 - Cameron Diaz is rumored to be attached to the project. As much as I love her, she wouldn't make a good Lois Lane.


9/12 - I have renewed hope. Supes is now scheduled for the Summer of 2000, with Dan Gilroy the writer. Rumor also has it that Jon Peters (known for Producing the first Batman) interesting in taking Director's chores away from Tim Burton. This movie will get friggin made!!!

Star Trek IX: Insurrection

5/19 - The movie features a race called the Son'a, where Picard must break orders to achieve success. Due out December 1998.

6/3 - The movie's trailer has been cancelled. Capt Riker (sorry, Mr. Director) thinks it's old state was good, but not good enough. In addition, this ST Flick will be completely CGI in the space scenes, unlike the originals.

6/7 - Thanks to AICN for supplying a review - which seems to be pretty good.

9/12 - Well, it's coming out in December, and early reviews from www.section31.com say that it's pretty good.


Star Wars: Episode One

5/19 - What can I say that has not been said. Ewan McGregor, etc. For the best info on the prequels, visit http://www.theforce.net/.

6/3 - OK, I know that all of you have been reading about the trailer in front of the X-files. Many say it won't happen. Fox entertainment news, however, states that IT WILL. FOX!! As is 20th Century FOX!!! YAYAYYAYAYAYAY. See you on June 19th at 4 AM Thank you very much.

9/12 - The release date is coming up soon. Samuel L. Jackson plays a simple Jedi, with 6 Lines. This is in here jsut to avoid confusion. By the way, Taco Bell snagged up advertising. The trailer is now scheduled to first arrive in January.

Rendevous with Rama

5/19 - Release Date Christmas 99 or 2000. It features Robin Wiliams, who makes contact with an alien. What an original concept.



5/19 - The only thing that is know on this is that it will feature America's irrational fear that the 2000 bug in computers will destroy the world.

9/12 - Severe laughter is what I do if this gets made. HAHAHAHHAHAHA




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