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 I hope everyone likes the new look of the site. Finally figured out what I'm doing - sort of, but this thing keeps on growing and growing! Well, I'll keep updating the movie news, and possibly others, so carry on! Have fun!

This is my humble little website. Here, you can find some of the coolest websites on the web, and some of the hottest news on new movies, comic books, fantasy, and science fiction. You also will have the opportunity to hear about me - so if that doesn't excite you, nothing will! CARRY ON!!!!



Part I: Information about ME!

Part II: The "hottest" movie news on the web

Part III: Awesome links on the web

Part IV: AK Games - the best gaming company ever, has it's own little spot here too



NAME: Kent Satenstein

Born: December 11th, 1982

Occupation: Student, relly smertt guyy, future world monarch

Hobbies: Computers, Magic the Gathering, Star Wars and the CCG, X-Files and the CCG, women, baseball, women again, the outdoors, hunting, and did I mention women?

Friends on the Web: Be sure to say hello to/harass Adam Bertocci (, Adam Bertocci's Online Universe), (Charles Walton) and many others that you probably don't care about so let's move on shall we?

OK, one more friend that you need to harass, and please, PLEASE harass him, Peter Michael Torrabkan or



Part II: News

First, I would like everyone to know that I am a huge Superman fan. I have been so all of my life and would like to tell you now, when you notice that a great deal of effort has been put into the Superman section of this page.

News and other cool stuff



This movie has been in the making for several years! It's current release date is Thanksgiving 1999, but a summer release that same year has also been discussed. The story will somewhat follow the 1993 comic series on the death and return of Superman. I won't tell you the plot, I'll let you read it yourself. Search under lycos for Superman Lives script, and voila! You'll get it. Sorry, with the limits of this page creator, I can't include a hyperlink right here.

SO FAR (these are of course subject to change)…

Nicholas Cage = Superman

Linda Fiorentino = Lois Lane

Kevin Spacey = Lex Luthor

Patrick Stewart = Braniac

Jack Nicholson = "K" (a possible alternate name for the eradicator)

Michael Keaton = cameo as Batman (at the funeral (not in script).

UPDATE: 4/14 - Superman's suit is confirmed to be the classic suit, so said Nicholas Cage after he was convinced by his 7 year old son to go with the red underpants. YAY NICK!

UPDATE: 4/20 - The Project is officially put on hold. Shooting will start again in Sept.

UPDATE 4/29 - Cameron Diaz is now rumored to be attached to the project. As much as I love her, she wouldn't make a great Lois Lane.

UPDATE 5/4 - Finally decided to please you people and upload the script. Enjoy! it's at!!!!

UPDATE: 5/14 - Despite rumors, the project has not been cancelled. They have a new screenwriter, Burton and Cage are still attached, and they are going to film it is September.


This project has basically just started. Kevin Smith (writer of above, Chasing Amy, View Askew, and others) has been hired for the script, as DC and Warner have both expressed interest in the franchise. That's all the info for now.


The movie is done. It's called The X-Files: Fight the Future. David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, Skinner, and all the rest of that zany crew appear, as well as a cameo from Martin Landau, as a government hush-hush agent. The story focuses on a virus being planted by the government is sinc with the aliens. Mulder and Scully fall in love as well.


This movie is based on the British spy series. The trailer is pretty cool, but upon test screening reviewers said simply: "It was too weird."


The two asteroid movies of the spring/summer. I read a review of both, and Dreamwork's Deep Impact seems to be taking the critical lead. Morgan Freeman stars in DI whilst Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck star in Armageddon.

UPDATE 4/14 - saw the trailer. It's up for download at It kicks butt!!!!! Can't wait for the movie

UPDATE 5/14 - Saw Deep Impact. It is amazing. It is fantastic. You must see it. Thank You.


Two movies about people's lives being filmed. Jim Carrey stars in TTS, while Ellen DeGeneres stars in Ed TV. No other news as of yet.

UPDATE 5/14 - Early reviews of the truman show say it's great. They saw it truly is good, no exaggerations, and Jim Carrey actually behaves like a human.

MORE 5/14 - Ed Tv, the next one, will feature Matthew McCaungehay, and Jenna Elfman (of Dharma and Greg) in a similar plot, but ED volunteers for the treatment. INSPECTOR GADGET - A disney movie based on the cartoon series. Matthew Broderick has been cast to play our cybernetic goofball friend.


Joel Schumacher (director III and IV) has been officially canned. So has Chris O'Donnel for that matter (he said he wouldn't work without him, so WB made due). Bats will be getting a dark makeover this time, reverted back to his proper state in which he had a good medium in I. The Scarecrow and the Joker (yes, I know he's supposed to be dead, but they're starting a new series) will appear, with Nicholson saying at a "As Good as it Gets" premier that "The Joker will return." So far, John Travolta is slated for the scarecrow, and Clooney will return as the bats, with Keaton making an bats appearance in Superman V (Clooney wouldn't do it.) Sheesh.

UPDATE 4/14 - It is possible that they will start over, yet unlikely. Clooney might get fired and Kurt Russel replace him???!!! Someone on the net saw a poster. I'll keep you posted.

UPDATE 5/14 - The rumor that Kurt Russel is Batman simply just won't die. The suggested title so far is Batman:The Dark Knight.


There has been some interest sparked in making a live action version. Prequels were discussed instead of the original trilogy. Sound familiar? Speaking of which...


The first prequel is just about done. Production on the 2nd will began by November, with Natlalie Portman off the set, and James Earl Jones appearing. The first prequel will open May 2nd, 1999. Preceding Superman Lives, so hopefully it won't get beaten too bad.

UPDATE: 4/14 - The next two will happen, no matter what and Matt Damon will supposedly play a supporting role in II. Alec Guiness will narate the 3rd one.


Rumor has it that George Lucas will start a new Indiana Jones film after he his finished the prequels to the Star Wars triliogy. The film will focus on Indiana Jones, his evil brother, and his father. Indy will also have a family, and will be more aged, to account for Harrison Ford's current age. Tom Selleck has been approached to play Indy's father.

UPDATE 5/14 - Title rumors are "Raiders of the Lost City", "Sons of Darkness" and "The Lost City of Atlantis"


The new film is now in production. It is called The Crow:2042. Unfortuneatley, I don't have any other news on this subject.

UPDATE: 4/14 - A boy is murdered in the year 2012, comes back to life, and thirty years later reeks vengeace. Very nice, no?


This Ten Commandments animation film will be done by Dreamworks in their first animated film. The animation is incredible. For full color pictures of this masterpiece, contact Ain't It Cool News.


Another full length computer animated film. I don't know the plot, but it features the makers of Toy Story.


Nicknamed "Stardust." This film includes all our favorites, and will feature a Star Trek Vish beginning, with Picard on vacation, and later attacked by a race called the Son'a.

UPDATE: 4/14 - The film has been retitled Prime Directive.

UPDATE: 5/14 - The film has been registered as "Star Trek: Rebellion" KENT: BIOGRAPHY OF A GENIUS

For all those who actually looked down at this sentence, I utter a silent prayer, and thank you for your support.


Well, my name is Kent Satenstein. I live in Bronxville, NY. I like Magic the Gathering, computers, and lots of other stuff. For Movie news, to chat, for fantasy news, and for suggestions for this page, write me at

I also co-run a game company. To get games, write to AK, Adam P, or even

Thanks for reading!

Kent Satenstein


NOT SATISFIED? Go to one of the best websites I have ever seen! They send spies into movie studios to get the best film news ever! AIN'T IT COOL? EXACTLY! - Ain't it Cool News (go here now!!!!)


COMICS (okay, well mostly Superman)

This is one of the newer sections of the page, and will cover mostly DC, but I expect much growth. Just keep sending me news!!

SUPERMAN: LIFE - Doomday/Superman, match 3. If you recall, Superman and Doomsday last duked it out in Superman: Doomsday in 1994-5. It was a pretty cool series, so I don't know what to expect. It's due out later this year.

GREEN LANTERN: The Return of Hal Jordan - Later this year, DC Comics will return Hal Jordan to the comic via good old fashioned time travel. Yep, that's right. Kyle Rayner will travel back in time to find the old Hal to help him out. Whether or not he'll stay is basically up to the readers DC says.

DC ONE MILLION - I don't know what it is, but it's big and it's coming this fall.






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The Best Search Engines on the web - Needs no introduction, yahoo! Rocks - Excite: the net's best kept secret - The broadest searcher around



AK Games was founded in 1995, and has made several games for GW, Q, and Visual Basic. For those who speak normal English, that means we make games for both Windows and DOS. Here they be…

The Original Pointless Game that Rots your Brain. This GW Basic game (you need GW BASIC to run it) features a such a bizarre plot, you'd have to see it to believe it. Trust me, it's a quick download.


Then, came our next game. Might and Magic. This game features elements from the strategy card game Magic: the Gathering, but you didn't hear it from me. It's fun, and you get to blow stuff up. P.S. Try typing your name in as Jennifer Aniston in the Pointless Game and Cameron Diaz in Magic. Prepare for a surprise.



Our pride and Joy, Punjo the Great is a full 256 Color, hilarious, windows based game. Enjoy it. NOW!

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